Friday, July 15, 2016

Some Culinary Wizard Invented Deep-Fried Old-Fashioneds

By Chris Crowley

At this point, after desensitization via deep-fried bubble gum and Ultimate Bacon Brisket Bombs, gonzo fried foods at state fairs -- especially from you, Texas -- are practically passé. Most of them are questionable at best and abominations at worst, lab experiments testing the limits of America's absolute favorite cooking method. But cheese-curd-loving Wisconsin has single-handedly breathed new life into the staid genre, and it's not even happening at an actual state fair.

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For this year's Summerfest, the long-running annual music festival, Trinity Three Irish Pubs took the brandy old-fashioned, called Wisconsin's "unofficial state cocktail," and turned it into dessert. But this isn't some molecular-gastronomy-meets-state-fair deep-fried cocktail. Rather, it's made of an orange pound cake (the muddled orange) filled with brandy cream cheese (the, uh, brandy) and topped with a brandy-orange caramel and bitters whipped cream. It's then garnished with a cherry and orange slice to keep things consistent. It sounds sweet, but also like it could be ... good?

One writer describes it as "pretty awesome" and says "it really does taste like a Brandy Old Fashioned," though unfortunately the cooking means it won't give you a buzz. While the dessert won't show up in Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of State Fair Food, the Trinity crew says, in true mad-scientist fashion, they spent nearly nine months tinkering with the groundbreaking recipe.

[The Cap Times]

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