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You Are Your Own Worst Energy


Have you ever heard the term "You are your own worst enemy"?
Well a little while ago I started using the term You Are Your Own Worst Energy, but what does it mean?

How many times have you been on the brink of a wonderful opportunity, only to go and either self-sabotage it or have a huge obstacle appear in your way? Well, I have -- lots of times.

Let me share something personal with you.

I used to feel like this was all a bit unfair and like life was out to get me. I was a victim. I couldn't understand how some people had it all so easy and I had to work so, so hard, only to have it all taken away from me or make a massive error and lose all I'd worked so hard to create. It didn't seem right and it made me mad. I really believed that I was unlucky and that there was some negative force acting to destruct my life and ability to achieve happiness. I wanted to do the right thing, but somehow always messed up.

Enter Law of Attraction...

When I started to learn about the law of attraction, I loved the concept of it. I was fascinated and tried it out with hit-or-miss results. I couldn't ever get consistency with it and I realised that deep down I didn't believe it would actually work for me because I held the belief that life was out to get me and I was a failure.

The realisation that you create your experiences in life with the energy that you give out had massive implications for me. I felt annoyed that I had wasted so many years of my life bumbling around and failing at things and frustrated because I didn't know how to change my energy to let the good stuff flow in. I learnt that my beliefs created my thoughts and my thoughts created my energy.

I was my own worst energy.

I had so many negative beliefs about myself that I didn't know where to begin. Many beliefs remained buried in my system and took a while to uncover. I started exploring and healing old beliefs that were stuck in my body and my energy from childhood.

I felt like I was an inherently bad person trying to convince everyone out there that I was good, and that deep down I was ashamed of who I was. I attracted experiences into my life for years and years that bought me shame, like failing businesses and soul-destroying jobs, along with money and relationship problems.

This belief I held was, of course, ridiculous.

During my childhood and I had somehow picked up the belief or energy that I was bad, that I was wrong and that I was no good to anyone. Then I had carried this through into adulthood. I believed that I didn't deserve good and was stuck in self-destruct mode for way too many years.

Clearing this childhood belief helped me to change my energy and realise that I am not worthless, bad and wrong. Once I had identified it I could feel a physical block in my heart area. The more I thought about this belief the more I felt a heavy pressure pushing down on me. It was preventing me from really ever feeling like I could be genuinely loved and create happiness in my life.

During the clearing process I cried floods of tears and grieved for all the time I had wasted and all the years that I had been stuck. Afterwards, I stopped feeling ashamed of everything that I did and achieved and started embracing life from a higher perspective. I started to feel proud of myself and happy for what I had. I stopped worrying that all the good things I had in my life would be taken away from me. It was like I had started again, started a new life.

I had become my own best energy.

It was a long journey to get to this point and I used tools like meditation, emotional freedom technique (EFT), energy clearing and of course, practicing gratitude; but if I hadn't embarked on that journey I would probably still be creating and repeating those same negative situations in my life.

So do you feel like you are your own worst energy?

Clearing false beliefs is a sure-fire way to release heavy and negative energy, but how do you keep your energy elevated?

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. A Daily Gratitude Practice.
You knew I was going to say that didn't you! Well, it's true. By actively cultivating the feeling of gratitude you improve not just your psychological wellbeing but your physiological wellbeing too. Plus life starts to feel lighter and more fun! You can do this by sitting quietly and thinking grateful thoughts but a gratitude journal is the simplest, most effective way to tune into that feeling. Make a commitment to yourself to write in it every single day without fail. I do it, you can do it (apparently even Oprah does it!). Gratitude even has a positive effect on your self-esteem and your relationships with others improve too.

2. Meditation.
Don't worry if you don't know how to meditate, or you've never done it before. There are many different techniques and you can find the best one for you. I personally like guided meditations as my mind still flits from thing to thing and I find listening to someone else's voice helps me to focus. Sometimes I do breath work meditation -- just focus on your breath going in and out and try to clear your mind. The important thing is that you are still, and quiet, and if you are feeling peaceful afterwards, you have done it correctly. You will get better with practice but it's not a competition, it's a very personal thing. You can also access lots of free meditations on YouTube or get a good CD or app like Omvana.

3. Healthy Eating and Stop Boozing.
It goes without saying that a fitter, healthier body is going to raise your energy levels, right? I'm not saying never have a glass of wine, but if you use alcohol or food as a way to "zone out" of reality, you probably need to look at what the underlying issues are, so take a look at why you're doing it.

4. Do a Random Act of Kindness.
Not everyday, but once in a while do something kind for someone that you do not HAVE to do. It can be someone you know or a complete stranger, but whatever you do make sure you are doing it from a good place and not just to get something in return. P.S. if you want to do it every day that's okay too!

5. Affirmations.

Affirmations are clear positive statements in the present tense that you repeat all throughout the day. I use gratitude affirmations like "I'm so happy and grateful to have a healthy body." Adding gratitude into your affirmation supercharges it and makes it more powerful. It sounds a bit nuts, but it works! It shifts your mindset from emanating a negative energy to a positive energy.

Nothing can reach you until it matches your energy. Expand it. Lighten it. Love it.

Natalie Fox is the author of Gratitude Journal: 100 Days of Gratitude Will Change Your Life Available on Amazon and other leading retailers. The book came about after Natalie used a daily gratitude practice to cure her anxiety, start a business and repair her broken marriage. You can find out more by visiting her website here:

Have these five tips helped you? If so I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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