Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Wish ✨



This Morning I Met

And Old Friend Returned

The Greed That Had Brought Him

The Trees That Had Burned ...

He Carries A Message

So Bright And So Clear

Whatever Our Causes

Effects Will Appear ...

In Kindness We Shower

Much Joy And Much Smiles

In Sharing Our Happiness

We Lessen Our Trials ...

Compassion When Lacking

We Seek For Our Own

Without Ever Thinking

Our EGOs Have Grown ...

Without Ever Knowing

No Sense Of This Greed

That Just Overwhelms Us

Polluting Our Seed ...

Of Loving And Living

As Brothers In Tow

On Journeys Alongside

In Tandem To Flow ...

But Ignorance Being

So Strong In Our Minds

Not Heeding The Call

Not Seeing How Blind ...

So On This Very Morning

Through Grey Heavy Mist

So Deep In My Heart

My Prayer In Gist ...

If Only Awareness

We Somehow Could Raise

Then Maybe Our Lives

Would Be Better Dear Haze ....


Soe Moe Lwin

8:35 am


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