Thursday, August 25, 2016

Here's What Happened When We Asked Kids To Pack Their Dream Lunch

In the eyes of a child, few joys are greater than unpacking a perfect, mouthwatering lunch. But perfection is a tall order for modern parents who are trying to sneak healthy bites into a yummy lunch. For one thing, children are notoriously fussy about their food! One kid may relish a no-nonsense turkey sandwich on white bread with the crusts painstakingly removed, while another prefers a thick, frothy chocolate shake that can barely be slurped through a straw.  

In service of puzzled parents everywhere, this back-to-school season we partnered with Nature Valley™ Backpacker™ chewy oatmeal bites to discover exactly what kids would make if they had their druthers come lunchtime. Spanning the kooky to the unabashedly particular to the surprisingly sophisticated, here are seven cuisine choices children made when asked, “What would be in your dream lunch box?”

The Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Lunch

“A chocolate bar, three fruit snacks, cupcakes, juice box, and a sandwich with a grape on top held with a toothpick.” – Nathan F., age 6

The Lunch That's Not Actually A Lunch

”A car, and a race car, and another race car.” – Oliver Austin, age 2

The Not-Your-Mama's Lunch

“If there was a way to have steak or grandma's spaghetti every day, I'd love that. Not YOUR spaghetti. Just to be clear.” – Anna S., age 7 (addressing her mom)

The Liquid Lunch

“All the chocolate milk. Just chocolate milk. One, two, three, four, five chocolate milk[s].” – Lucas R., age 5

The Future Olympian's Lunch

“Duh, tacos. Homemade tacos with cheese and lots and lots of lettuce, but not iceberg … I like hearts of romaine. Then a salad ― a big salad ― with romaine and mixed power greens with that red wine vinaigrette.” – Domenick R., age 14 … and a wrestler
The Empire State Lunch

Good good hot dogs from New York, and chicken nuggets, and root beer …  [and] on the side, some fresh cantaloupe.” Aurelia S., age 7

The 'Sharing Is Caring' Lunch

“A huge gummy bear. I want a cherry flavored one. I would share it with Chelsea. Then, I want Cheerios. We need gluten-free [food] so I can share with those who can't have gluten. Also cow's milk not almond milk. I hate almond milk! Then, I want apples without the skin on them.” – Zoe M., age 5

As parents, we do our best to give our kids everything they need to be great out there every day, including the lunch of their dreams. Delicious, poppable, portable Nature Valley Backpacker  Chewy Oatmeal bites are the perfect snack to ensure kids make the most of their day when they're on the go and away from home.

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