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Some of the greatest things in life happen by accident, just ask most first-born children. The popsicle for instance, was supposedly created when a San Franciscan man named Frank Epperson left his drink outside on a cold night with a stirring stick. When he awoke the next morning, he discovered a portable frozen treat. Today I bring you the wafflewich, born out of necessity and experimentation, a delicious alternative to your traditional and dare I say "boring," lunch sandwiches.

Every few years I have food obsessions. For awhile it was sushi, then it was Indian food and over the last two years I have become obsessed with sandwiches. Whether it's the portability, the ease, the endless variations, or an excuse to eat bread, sandwiches have become my most recent food crush.

It was the other day when I had just returned home from a visit to the deli. I had everything I needed to make a proper Cuban sandwich but soon realized I had accidentally packed away the Panini press (it was a gift, don't judge). Anyways, any Miamian will tell you, if your Cuban sandwich isn't crisp on the outside, then it's just a regular old sandwich. I heated up my waffle iron, greased it with a little bit of butter and placed my fully made sandwich inside. Three minutes later, I had the most crisp and delicious sandwich I have ever tasted. Excited by this new revelation, I have since tried several more sandwiches in my waffle iron and I'm not sure I will ever look back. Dear Happenstance, sometimes you're absolutely swell.




Title: Wafflewich

Author: Doughmamma

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 3 mins

Total time: 8 mins

Serves: 1

Notes: Below is a recipe for a Cuban sandwich but you can make a wafflewich with any preferred fillings. Traditionally Cuban sandwiches are made with Cuban bread, a lovely white bread made with lard that is soft and fluffy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. I had to substitute sourdough and that worked nicely as well. French bread would be another good substitute or you can make your own Pan Cubano by visiting the Yellow mustard is traditional, though I prefer Dijon so that's what I used.


2 slices of Cuban bread (or French Bread)

4 oz roasted pork sliced thick

2 oz of sweet ham (honey or pineapple glazed) sliced thin

Swiss cheese


yellow mustard

butter to grease your waffle iron


Grease your waffle iron and turn on to heat.

Assemble your sandwich while your iron is heating.

Place your sandwich in the iron, press down and allow to "toast" for about three minutes.

Remove, slice in half and serve warm.

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